American Toad
American Toad is a species of Toad that lives in Ponds.  They are rare to find in the city because Toads and other amphibians require fresh and clean water.  For that it is rare to find, but it is also good note to notice if a pond is clean, and healthy.  American Toads have very little predators because what it does is blow up, to make itself bigger and it is covered in slime which is hard for predators to digest, American Toads eat insects and other small creatures. American Toads can live on both land and water, but there life start out as tadpoles and spend early life in the water.  The tadpoles resemble fish so some people mistake the for the species.  Only the male Toads
American toad (Bufo americanus) calling00:26

American toad (Bufo americanus) calling


croak.  Which attracts the attention to the female Toads.

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