Little Brown Bat
Little Brown Bat





The Little Brown Bat is a nocturnal animal and part of species of mammal that can actually fly called bats. Allot of the little brown bat life style is still shrouded in mystery, but we do know is that little brown bats sleep under overpasses, bridges, homes, and caves. They sleep upside down hanging from the ceiling. There homes are usually close to there food. They eat is bugs mostly moths, crickets, mosquitoes and other fly insects. They have this ability called echo location which they use sound waves to pick up on objects like trees and insects. They are mainly preyed on by owls and other nocturnal predators. To identify a little brown bat is spotting there flying. There wings move much faster than birds wings except the hummingbird and the little brown bat only appears after sunset, while birds only hide in trees or buildings and make allot of noises.


Bats flying from an old church01:23

Bats flying from an old church


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