Southern bottlenose whale
The Southern Bottlenose Whale is a species of whale, in the ziphiid family, one of two members of the Hyperoodon genus. The southern bottlenose has been rarely observed, was seldom hunted, and is probably the most abundant whale in Antarctic waters. The species was first described by English zoologist William Henry Flower in 1882, based on a water-worn skull from Lewis Island, in the Dampier Archipelago, Western Australia.

Physical Description Edit

It is fairly rotund and measures 7.5 meters (25 ft) in length when physically mature. The melon is extremely bluff. The beak is long and white on males but grey on females. The dorsal fin is relatively small at 30–38 centimeters (12–15 in) and set behind the middle of the back. It is falcate (sickle-shaped) and usually pointed. The back is light-to-mid grey. It has a lighter underside.

Food Edit

Southern Bottlenose Whales feed mainly on squid and krill.