Enteroctopus Magnificus, also known as the Southern Giant Octopus, is a large octopus in the genus Enteroctopus. It is native to the waters off Namibia and South Africa.

Description Edit

E. magnificus bears the distinctive characteristics of the genus Enteroctopus, including longitudinal folds on the body and large, paddle-like papillae. E. magnificus is a large octopus, reaching total lengths of up to 1.8 m and a mass of 11.4 kg.

Food Edit

Like many octopuses, E. magnificus is a generalist predator. The chief food source for this octopus is the deep-sea portunid crab Bathynectes piperitus. Other major prey items include the Cape hagfish (Myxine capensis), the crab species Pontophilus gracilis, and hermit crabs in the Parapagurus genus.


North Pacific Giant Octopus