We love them, we care for them, we give them silly names.  What are these things.  They are called pets.  Most pets like Parrots, Goldfish and hamsters are harmless and safe in side the home but animals like dogs, and cats are dangerious.  A recent study shown that house cats and feral cats causes the most wild animal killings compared to humans.  Cats kill mammals like rats, mice and chipmunks.  And birds like Robins, Blue Jays and many other birds. I am telling the world this.  If you have cats do not let them outside.  They are preditories true and true.  If they are hungry they will huint.  If there are feral cats living in your neighbour hood.  Catch them and find them a better home.  Do not harm them, this is called animal crulty and is illegal in any state and provenice across North America.  Dogs on the other hand tend to be very protective of there home.  If a wild animal makes a home in your back yard.  For example, a family of skunks.  They will kill the whole family or scare them off.  Either way your dogs will attack and kill wild animals that enter their territory.  Dogs do not tend to kill these introuders but they will do to keep you safe.  Search around the outside of your house for abnormal signs of animals building a home into the walls or making nests anywhere around the house.  If you do call the animal experts to remove the animal safely and without anyone to get hurt.  A reminder of Parrots, fish such as gold fish and hamsters, these animals are imported from foreign countries.  Parrots preticular are caught when young and sent over seas to pet stories across the U.S and Canada.  Most of the parrots they catch is killed in the transport, so it is important to ask pet stories about how they get there animals.  Because in parts of the world.  Parrots are in dangered species and are not allowed to be removed from the country or man handled while transport and gain bird diseases that will effect the life of the bird.

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