List of Animals that live in the city of Toronto.

Animals Blooded Time Type Food
American Beaver Warm Nocturnal Mammal Plant
American Golden Finch Warm Diaurnal Bird Plant
American Robin Warm Diaurnal Bird Omniviours
Blue Jays Warm Diaurnal Bird Plant
Common Starling Warm Diaurnal Bird Plant
Eastern Chipmunk Warm Diaurnal Mammal Plant
Eastern Cottontail Warm Crepuscular Mammal Plant
Eastern Grey Squirrel Warm Diaurnal Mammal Plant
Great Blue Heron Warm Diaurnal Bird Meat
Great Horn Owl Warm Nocturnal Bird Meat
Groundhog Warm Diaurnal Mammal Plant
Little Brown Bat Warm Nocturnal Mammal Meat
Mallard Duck Warm Diaurnal Bird Plant
Northern Cardinal Warm Diaurnal Bird Plant
Peregrine Falcon Warm Diaurnal Bird Meat
Hairy Woodpecker Warm Diaurnal Bird Meat
Raccoon Warm Nocturnal Mammal Omniviorus
Red Fox Warm Noctural Mammal Meat
Red Winged Blackbird Warm Diaurnal Bird Plant
Red-Tailed Hawk Warm Diaurnal Bird Meat
Ringed Bill Gull Warm Diaurnal Bird Omniviorus
Rock Dove Warm Diaurnal Bird Plant
Ruby-Throated Hummingbird Warm Diaurnal Bird Plant
Striped Skunk Warm Crepuscular Mammal Meat
Turkey Vulture Warm Diaurnal Bird Scavenger
White-Tailed Deer Warm Crepuscular Mammal Plant
American House Spider Cold All Arachnid Meat
Atlantic Salmon Cold All Fish Meat
Black Garden Ant Cold Diaurnal Insect Plant
Daddy-Long Legs Cold Nocturnal Arachnid Meat
Differential Grasshopper Cold Diaurnal Insect Plant
Earwigs Cold Nocturnal Insect Plant
European Mantis Cold Diaurnal Insect Meat
Hairy Wood Ant Cold Diaurnal Insect Plant
May Beetle Cold Crepuscular Insect Plant
Monarch Butterfly Cold Diaurnal Insect Plant
Orange-Belted Bumblebee Cold Diaurnal Insect Plant
Stink Bug Cold Diaurnal Insect Plant
Mute Swan Warm Diurnal Bird Plant
Spotted Apatelodes Cold Nocturnal Insect
Tree Cricket Cold Diurnal Insect Plant
Yellow-jacket Cold Diurnal Insect Meat
Painted Turtle Cold Diurnal Reptile Meat
Garter Snake Cold Diurnal Reptile Meat
Termite Cold Diurnal Insect Plant
Canada Goose Warm Diurnal Bird Plant
Garden Snail Cold All Mollusk Plant
Ringed-Bill Gull Warm Diurnal Bird Scavenger
Meadow Vole Warm Diurnal Mammal Plant
American Toad Cold Crepuscular Amphibian Meat
American Bullfrog Cold Crepuscular Amphibian Meat
Asian Lady Beetle Cold Diurnal Insect Meat
Morning Dove Warm Diurnal Bird Plant
House Sparrow Warm Diurnal Bird Omnivore
Lake Sturgeon Cold Fish Carnivore

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